Roughen Machine For Irregular Profile Machinery

This Roughen Machine for Irregular Profile not only works like the conventional it also can be processed irregular width edge grinding & roughen.
Depends on various material, you can change the roughen speed and achieve the perfective requirement simplicity of operating. The compact of machine body and can reduce more operator at forming line.
The YU-7135D and the YU-7135P both have dust collector which can reduce the air pollution during processing.
Model YU-7135P YU-7135D
Power 1/2HP 1HP
Voltage 220V.1P 220V.1P
Machine size m/m 420x270x430 700x1000x1250
Measurement m/m 470x330x510 760x1060x1400
N.W./G.W. 45kgs/55kgs 65kgs/90kgs