• Plane Cutting Machine

Plane Cutting Machine

Plane Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine
Robust of cutting force, rapidity, high efficiency. The cutting cycle can be reached over 1000 times/hr.
It features of low noise and it's equipped with fine adjusting device, therefore the cutting stroke can be adjusted easily. Furthermore, it prolongs the serving life of cutting knife and anvil board.
Equipped with cutting knife setting device, so that, the cutting knife height adjustment will be accuracy, simple & quickly.
This Hydraulic Plane Cutting Machine is reformed against the failure of traditional mechanic cutting m/c, compact & beauty.
This Plane Cutting Machine is suitable for rubber, leather, sponge foam, nylon, cloth, paper board & various synthetic material making forming cutting.
Model YU-520 YU-525 YU-530
Cutting area m/m 410x1250 460x1600 610x1600
Max. hyd. acting force 20Ton 25Ton 30Ton
Power 2HP 3HP 5HP
Stroke 10~100 10~100 10~100
Machine size m/m 1480x800x1430 1830x800x1430 1850x1050x1530
Measurement m/m 1530x850x1580 1820x850x1580 1920x1100x1680
N.W./G.W. 1080kgs/1200kgs 1400kgs/1600kgs 2000kgs/2300kgs