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Scribing Machine

The Scribing Machine uses a carbide or diamond tip to apply permanent marking directly to the material, from plastic to the hardest steels. This process has the advantage of being very quiet so it is particularly used for marking hollow parts with high resonance, tubes, sheets and for engraving nameplates.
Model : YU-7019B
Scribing Machines, Universal Scriber Accurate, simple and convenient for operation. This model is designed with functions of scribering and it has been reformed against the conventional model failure and meet with the requirement of marking in soles under various curvature, profile and thickness, against any difficult marking portion to the conventional scribers.
Model YU-7019B
Required air pressure 6kg/cm²
Machine size m/m 530x470x1610
Measurement m/m 590x530x1810
N.W./G.W. 110kgs/150kgs
This model is suitable for general athletic shoes, football shoes, baseball shoes and jogging shoes...etc.

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