• Hydraulic Sole & Edge Pressing Machine

Hydraulic Sole & Edge Pressing Machine

YUAN YI starts to use automated production process in order to increase quality and competitive of Sole Press Machine in recent years. The Sole Press Machine can also complete the technology function of bending , marking and shelling of plate material parts, and the function of stretching of simple parts.
Model : YU-7603
This Machine is suitable for sport shoes edge pressing forming, sole pressing, sandal edge pressing and sole pasting, besides it reduces forming time and has wide applications.
This m/c is designed of hyd. actuated and it couples with electronic controlling system which can reduce operator employment and advance efficiency.

YUAN YI PRECISE MACHINERY WORKS CO.,LTD. take pride in providing Hydraulic Sole & Edge Pressing Machine you need and even the parts that are really hard to find and making it easy for you to find and purchase these items.
Model YU-7603
Power 3HP
Machine size m/m 960x1000x1760
Measurement m/m 1080x1120x1960
N.W./G.W. 750kgs/900kgs

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