• Hot Air Circulation Oven

Hot Air Circulation Oven

We provide superior YU-706 Electric Toaster Oven Series- Hot Air Circulation Oven, EVA Preheat Oven , perfect for professional Shoes Machinery & Industrial Supplies needs.
Model : YU-706
YU-706 Electric Toast Oven Series

The toast oven is designed of auto heat convection circulating operating which can be toasted soften for EVA, PVC material, the best pressing effect can be achieved in a short time and the toasting time can be adjusted as necessary.
The inner of oven body adopts SS41 steel plate and theouter adopts SS41 steel plate with enamel painting treated and also adopted heat insulated stone cotton sic surface insulated treatment.
The temperature control adopts the auto electronic horizontal circulating heating, and the max. temp can reach 250°C. Besides, the machine is equipped with over-heat protecting & warning devices.
Suitable for shoes making, chemical , woodwares, electronic, electric, printing & electro-plating, making pre-heating, drying & forming...etc.
Model YU-706
No. of tray 6
No. of layer(ea) 3
Power 2HP
Electric heating 14KW
Chamber size m/m 450x600x60
Machine size m/m 710x2030x1940
Measurement m/m 800x2150x1800
N.W./G.W. 430kgs/520kgs
Founded in 1977, YUAN YI has earned our quality reputation from years of providing effective and durable Hot Air Circulation Oven to our customers. Our company offers excellent EVA Preheat Oven, ensuring high quality and professional performance. Also, We have devoted ourselves to serve the clients with our durability, fair price and strong efficiency of EVA Preheat Oven and Hot Air Circulation Oven.